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Avantium - YXY

YXY Technology

Groundbreaking technology for a biobased future

Through our catalysis development technology, YXY technology brings 100% biobased products within reach. A game-changing technology that offers biobased materials and fuels with superior properties at market competitive prices, YXY is introducing in a new green way of doing business.

Products & applications

FDCA and Levulinics

In the Furanics family our main building block for producing biobased products, 2,5-Furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) can be applied to a wide variety of industrial plastics, including bottles, textiles, food packaging, carpets, electronic materials and automotive applications. In the Levulincs family Levulinic Acid and its ester Methyl Levulinate are the central biobased building blocks for applications in cosmetics, solvents, polycarbonates, herbicides and fuels.

Markets & Partnerships

Collaborating with leading brands

Our strategy is to collaborate with leading brands and industrial companies over the world to create a strong demand for biobased products based on YXY technology. We are currently in joint development programs with The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC), Danone, ALPLA and Solvay .

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news Avantium 28.05.2013

Avantium wins the 2013 Innovations in Bioplastics Award!

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publications YXY 2012

Accelerating research into bio-based FDCA-polyesters by using small scale parallel film reactors

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