At Avantium’s Catalysis business unit we help companies like BP, Shell, UOP, Coca Cola and IFPEN to reach their targets for sustainability, profitability and growth. We do this by providing unique technology and capabilities in catalyst research. Whether it’s developing new catalyst or optimization, customers tell us that we do this much faster and cheaper than they would be able to do themselves. They typically like the combination of our enhanced experimentation workflow with broad application knowledge. Next to this we have people on board with extensive experience at major companies in the oil, gas, coal, chemical and renewable industry. At these companies they faced similar challenges as our customers do today. Customers appreciate this ability to understand their real challenges. We operate at small scale and customers all quickly discover what it can bring in terms of safety, cost saving, speed and relevance if compared to larger scale experiments. In the end many customers decide to not only work with us as a service provider, they also install our technology in their own labs. This is typically done when the chemistry involved is of long term strategic importance and customers want to develop their own R&D capabilities.


Expertise, experience and high-tech infrastructure

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Having been involved in more than 100 catalytic development projects, Avantium has the expertise, experience and high-tech infrastructure to parallel test catalysts and process conditions and offer a unique basis for the development of novel catalytic technologies. This is the value added by our Catalysis business, and the basis for all our future technology platforms.

Catalysis Systems: parallel fixed bed reactor equipment for catalysis R&D at industrial conditions. Catalysis by Avantium offers two specific types of R&D Solutions for organizations looking to advance their catalysis and chemical process development;

Catalysis Services: catalysis and process R&D projects for the industry, tailored to specific applications.