At Avantium’s Catalysis business unit we help companies like BP, Shell, UOP, Coca Cola and IFPEN to reach their targets for sustainability, profitability and growth. We do this by providing unique technology and capabilities in catalyst research. Whether it’s developing new catalyst or optimization, customers tell us that we do this much faster and cheaper than they would be able to do themselves. They typically like the combination of our enhanced experimentation workflow with broad application knowledge. Next to this we have people on board with extensive experience at major companies in the oil, gas, coal, chemical and renewable industry. At these companies they faced similar challenges as our customers do today. Customers appreciate this ability to understand their real challenges. We operate at small scale and customers all quickly discover what it can bring in terms of safety, cost saving, speed and relevance if compared to larger scale experiments. In the end many customers decide to not only work with us as a service provider, they also install our technology in their own labs. This is typically done when the chemistry involved is of long term strategic importance and customers want to develop their own R&D capabilities.


Expertise, experience and high-tech infrastructure


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Flowrence Technology Systems:

Flowrence Technology Systems are intended for fixed-bed, heterogeneous catalyst studies under gas-, vapour- or trickle-phase conditions. Find a System that fits your objectives and R&D stage best.

Flowrence Technology Services: 

Avantium has more than 700 reactors based on our unique Flowrence Technology Platform. With this in-house technology platform we are able to perform catalyst testing tailored for the various R&D stages of a catalyst in line with your objectives.

Refinery Catalyst Testing: 

Are you a refinery? Specially for you we perform third-party, independent evaluation of commercial catalysts. We fit the test program to your objectives and goals: what information do you need? Select the best catalyst with confidence.

Flowrence Technology Platform

Avantium helps customers devise the most appropriate catalyst testing solutions in line with their specific process testing objectives. These can involve novel systems or methodologies, or both.

Customers gain access to skills, knowledge and experience that may not exist in their own organisations. In this way, they can achieve more complex or unusual technical objectives quickly and efficiently.

Avantium’s unique Flowrence Technology Platform is proven to generate outstandingly accurate and repeatable data. Hence, small changes in catalyst behaviour can be readily detected and catalysts reliably differentiated. The meaningfulness of the results is also a feature – test results correlate with those from larger-scale experiments and even the data from commercial plants.


Avantium operates a business model designed to create value for customers in whichever way makes most sense to them.