Advanced catalytic research, fast track to market

Avantium is a leading technology company specialized in the area of advanced catalytic research, with groundbreaking innovation as our primary goal. It is our mission to make customers successful by providing smart and fast solutions, based on our unique technology, knowledge and expertise. Over the last 15 years we (co)invented multiple new catalysts, new chemical processes and realized significant cost savings allowing our customers to achieve their business objectives much faster than previously possible. Our high-throughput technology for catalyst development has helped us gain a leading position in this global market.

Value created for customers

  • Significant reduction in time and costs for development of catalytic processes; First to market
  • Advanced catalytic research allows you to fail early, do sufficient research on your lead catalyst and skip scale up steps; Do the right project and do it right
  • Industrial relevant and accurate data enable high quality decision making; No second guessing
  • Excellent staff with relevant background; No wrong turns

Experience & expertise

Crossroads of global R&D

Over the years Avantium has become a global hotspot for catalysis R&D, connecting catalysis and chemical process development R&D centers across the globe. We do this by attracting, linking with and employing talented and creative industry experts who share a passion for evolving the fields of catalysis, chemistry and technology. Our technologists, project leaders, scientific experts and advisors, business and technology developers all share a collaborative mindset and an open mind to new ideas. They also understand the quickest path towards finding the optimal solution is through a flexible mindset, intensive interaction, and critical and creative thinking.


Trusted technology, proven experience

Avantium’s capabilities to develop faster and more cost-effective catalytic processes move beyond conventional methods. We are experts in catalyst preparation and testing, the design of experiments and data analysis. Our catalysis expertise and high-throughput parallel catalyst testing technology form the core of our capabilities. Using small-scale reactor systems (0.1-1 ml of catalyst per reactor) simultaneously allows for broader screening and quicker catalyst identification than conventional methods. In other words, we can accelerate the development process from lab to plant. Small scale fixed bed catalyst testing can be used effectively for ranking and evaluating in detail the performance of fixed bed catalysts, thereby reducing the need for testing at the 20 – 100 ml scale. Since its introduction our Flowrence® fixed bed technology has been adopted by many industry-leading companies.

Parallel fixed bed testing at small scale

Avantium has developed parallel fixed bed reactor systems, with 16 to 64 reactors, suitable for testing of 0.1-1.0 ml of catalyst per reactor. We have proven for many refining and chemical industrial applications that our reactor bed volume is an excellent scale to obtain performance data that can be directly correlated with larger reactor sizes without compromising data quality or relevance. Moreover, the cost per experiment of testing at such small scale is significantly lower than conventional larger scale set-ups. Our extensive experience underscores our reliability in finding the ideal reactor configuration, volume, dimensions and product analysis for every application.

Batch reactor testing

We apply batch reactors in our Services programs to develop homogeneous catalysts, to fast-screen heterogeneous catalysts and to determine reaction kinetics. Our parallel (fed) batch reactors and CSTR system operate with liquid volumes of 1-10 ml and require less than 1.0 ml of catalyst.

Catalyst synthesis

Catalyst synthesis is a key component of our Services programs. We have extensive experience with experimental and industrial catalyst synthesis techniques, and for R&D programs we have a large inventory of commercial catalyst supports and commercial catalysts at our disposal.

Product analysis

Our experts apply specific analytical methods to each application, either by optimizing existing methods or by developing new ones to maximize data generation. Our capabilities include fast online GC analysis and offline analysis by GC, LC, GC-MS, S and N determination, RI measurements, density and viscosity measurements.

Data analysis and modeling

Effective catalysis research requires a combination of insights into chemistry, catalyst, process and economics, which is why every Avantium teams comprising experts in each of these fields. We have extensive experience handling large data sets and retrieving information from those data by correlating performance data with fundamental catalyst knowledge. We use statistical and kinetic software and modeling to determine the experiment set-up and to map the relationship between catalytic characteristics and performance. For R&D projects designed to develop new catalytic processes, we add engineering experts to our team to help identify technical hurdles in downstream processing and to assess economic sensitivities with respect to raw material cost, product value, process conditions, investment and utilities cost.

Playing field

Tackling the technical challenges

It is an economic necessity for chemical and refining industries to constantly seek out ways to improve catalytic processes and process economics. Whether the goal is to maximize operational profits through catalyst optimization, develop more sustainable chemical processes, integrate variable feedstock quality or meet more stringent product specifications, Catalysis by Avantium has the consultancy and testing services and systems to tackle these technical challenges.

Why customers choose Avantium

Safety first

Safety is our highest priority in everything we do

Fast track to market

R&D lower cost and shorter time

Independence & integrity

Not linked to chemical or catalyst companies, your secret is safe

Network of experts and experienced industry veterans

Not just high throughput. Knowledge of applications and industry experience

Relevant catalytic process development at industrial conditions

Proven scalability, high quality data

Clear intellectual property arrangements

Research output owned by sponsor

Flexible, fast and open minded

Working together towards success

Risk free technology transfer

Chemical validation on site as sole criteria for equipment acceptance