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Collaborative approach, groundbreaking results

Our Catalysis Services is built around a highly collaborative model that enables our partners to create their own proprietary (IP) catalysts and catalytic processes using Avantium’s own (IP) equipment and methods. This open collaborative approach has produced effective and groundbreaking results. Our way of developing new catalytic processes is to merge the knowledge, process and business insights, creative ideas and methodologies of our partners with our own high-throughput screening capabilities and expertise on catalyst synthesis, testing and modeling. Our approach doesn’t just generate better catalysts and processes – it also generates them faster.

Quality control

The Flowrence parallel testing methodology is ultimately suited for application in quality control of fresh and spent catalyst. Catalyst manufacturers, users and providers of Catalyst regeneration services can use either the quality control services of Avantium or use Flowrence technology to execute the testing themselves.

The use of multiple reactors in parallel allows for evaluation of many samples simultaneously under exact same conditions, while use inclusion of reference catalysts allows for monitoring of quality within and between runs.

Major advantages of using Flowrence parallel technology include:

  • Fast feedback due to short response time using 4-64 reactors in parallel;
  • High quality performance data via optimal control of process parameters. All catalysts see same feed composition and flow, temperature and pressure;
  • Lower cost for quality control by efficient use of resources;
  • Little materials usage.

The time and cost savings achieved for quality control implies a higher efficiency of quality control process and/or possibilities to increase the information density obtained by evaluation of a larger parameter space, like more feeds, temperatures, space velocities or pressures.

A broad scope of expertise

Catalysis Services offers a broad scope of expertise – from helping our clients choose the best commercial catalyst and developing their own process to optimizing an existing idea or testing the feasibility of a new concept.

Extensive experience, tailor-made methods

Every time we develop new catalysts or catalytic processes we tailor our methods and instrumentation to meet our client’s specific chemistry. Backed by our extensive experience with many types of reactions, we are equally capable of tackling new chemical applications. Our Services program focuses first on validation and feasibility, through referencing or via proof-of-principle tests. With this information we can define the screening program and analyze the vast amount of resulting data to determine the next set of experiments. If the end goal is catalytic process optimization, then we will use the data to model catalyst and process parameters using surface response models and pinpoint the best performance conditions.

Highly effective, uniquely efficient

Our integrated approach to developing new catalytic processes enables us to more effectively and efficiently pinpoint the right process for our clients. We speed up the process by combining the catalyst-screening phase with process evaluation. In other words, we evaluate the effects of product separation, (by)product formation and process economics during the research phase rather than after the fact, and in this way more quickly introduce new catalytic processes into pilot phase.

Refinery Catalyst Testing

Select the best catalyst with confidence

Catalysis Success Stories

Avantium already offers groundbreaking services and systems to more than 70 companies worldwide. Because the majority of our partnerships are protected by strict confidentiality agreements, we are only able to reveal a brief glimpse of our many success stories.