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Our Flowrence® technology offers simultaneous testing in identical conditions for fast and reliable results. The Flowrence® enables our partners to perform heterogeneous catalyst R&D in high-throughput mode without compromising data quality or test relevance. This sophisticated parallel fixed bed reactor technology performs high-quality catalyst testing at a reactor volume of 0.1-1.0 ml for the most important industrial applications in gas and trickle phases. The Flowrence® is a more cost-efficient method of testing catalysts, and a faster way to bring it to market.

The Flowrence® parallel fixed bed reactor system

Flowrence® technology is suitable for high-quality testing of whole extrudates and sieve fractions of catalysts. The Flowrence® can be used for a broad range of industrial applications that operate in gas, vapour and trickle phases.

The Flowrence® parallel reactor system combines the reproducibility and accuracy of larger scale reactors with the countless advantages of small-scale reactors, including:

  • Simultaneous testing at identical conditions for fast and reliable results
  • Reproducible and easy to control process conditions for each of the parallel reactors by isothermal operation and plugflow conditions
  • Sharp reduction in the usage of gas and other chemicals
  • Small amounts of catalyst sample required per experiment
  • Lower safety risks
  • Efficient use of laboratory space
  • More performance data points per unit of time at the same effort
  • More operator time available for data analysis

Flowrence® details

Highly flexible feed system
Every application requires precise feeding and distribution of the specific gas and/or liquid. The Flowrence® can handle H2, N2, O2, light hydrocarbons, CO, CO2, NH3, H2S, steam and many other gases, aqueous solutions, solvents, (organic) acids and refinery fractions such as gasoline, naphtha, diesel and VGO. The feed system can be heated to handle compounds that are highly viscous or solid at ambient conditions.
Reliably consistent Reactor system
The Flowrence® parallel reactor system offers identical testing conditions across temperature, pressure, flow and feed composition for each reactor set. The internal diameter of Flowrence® reactors is 2-3 mm. The reactor system consists of sets of 4 or 16 reactors, with a separate heating block for each reactor set of 4. The reactors and heating blocks have been designed to guarantee isothermal operation, even for highly exothermic reactions. They are therefore suitable for testing catalyst sieve fractions as small as 100 µm up to extrudates of 2.5 mm. Ideal plug flow conditions have been demonstrated in the most demanding applications with very high conversions Our Flowrence® parallel reactor system can accurately determine the mass balances across all the reactors over a long runtime. In fact, the Flowrence® was purposely designed to be easy to control.
Highly accurate, easy to measure
The Flowrence® reactor’s unique design enables high reproducibility and the automated collection of gaseous and liquid products. Typically, Flowrence® is connected to an online GC for gas product analysis, while liquid products are collected for offline analysis by an analytical method of choice: GC, HPLC, total sulfur, total nitrogen, refractive index and/or density measurements.
Open software, visualized data
Flowrence® software allows for the control of process conditions and combines catalyst information with analytical and process data. The open software structure means Flowrence® data can easily be integrated with other automated equipment and transferred to the SQL database. Flowrence® software also makes it easier to visualize data in MS Excel and other data visualizing programs.

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