What customers say…

We are as good as our customers review us. And here are a few things they have to say about us.

CRI-Logo-300dpi4CAvantium’s high throughput experimentation technology has been of significant importance to the success of our catalyst development program. This strategic relationship ensures rapid knowledge transfer which brings the new leading-edge products quicker to market, to the benefit of our clients; a key performance indicator for both CRI and Avantium. Don Roche

President , CRI

sekisuiAvantium’s worldwide collaboration experience, and its reputation for successfully finding valuable solutions with its state-of-the-art capabilities and experts fits very well with Sekisui’s partner requirements and R&D strategy to rapidly bring new products to the market while keeping all intellectual property. Satoshi Uenoyama

Director , Sekisui's Corporate R&D Centre

logo_bpBP has worked with Avantium in the areas of catalyst discovery and process scoping. The BP and Avantium technology teams collaborated closely in a flexible relationship that was able to exploit the strengths of each company. Our collaborations with Avantium were both fruitful and enjoyable. Mark Roberts

Technical team leader, BP

siluriaOur goal was to rapidly test a large amount of catalysts and process conditions while maintaining high quality data standards. We were able to run over 50 experimental tests in parallel each week due to Avantium’s fast turnaround time. In fact, turnaround time was reduced to minutes. Both their reactor-to-reactor and block-to-block accuracy and reproducibility are great. Avantium’s Flowrence® technology is really helping us achieve our goals. Erik Scher

Vice President, R&D, Engineering, Siluria Technologies Inc.

universiteitWe use Avantium’s Flowrence® to accelerate our fundamental studies on catalyst performance related to catalyst structure in the field of synthesis gas conversion.

Krijn de Jong

Professor, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

ifpIt is Avantium’s advanced technology combined with their application knowledge that has made us decide to strategically collaborate with them. Their Flowrence® enabled us to increase our testing capacity by a factor of 4 while reducing our operational costs. Denis Guillaume

Director, Catalysis and Separation Division at IFPEN

logo_bpOne way to think of what Avantium does is looking for a needle in a haystack with high-throughput as the metal detector. Wayne Schammel


Working with Catalysis

Creating and adding value is at the core of what we do. And we do this in a number of ways.

Fast track to market

We combine unparalleled professional research with an entrepreneur’s drive to fast track a catalyst or catalytic process to the market. Our high-throughput testing expertise and knowledge traditional research means we can increase the speed of development by a factor up to 100x

Network of experts

We complement our own team of experienced experts and leaders with a world-class network of industry veterans heralding from the likes of Johnson Matthey, Albermarle, DuPont, BP. Shell, Unilever, DSM, NatureWorks and technical universities the world over.


Clear-cut IP

Our open and collaborative approach is designed to generate Intellectual Property (IP) for our clients. The IP created during the scope of a service collaboration belongs to the companies we are working with. See our customer’s patents with Avantium inventors.

Independence and integrity

Avantium is an independent operator with no links to any other technology provider in the industry. We guarantee the highest confidentiality and security when it comes to our clients’ data and information.

Flexible and open-minded

Our flexible and open-minded approach to doing business is the reason we can maximize opportunities and define new routes of innovation. Our experts understand that the surest path towards finding a solution is through a flexible mindset, intensive interaction, and critical and creative thinking.

Our Customers

Pinpointing the perfect catalyst

From idea generation to pilot plant design, we make it our business to find the perfect catalyst around which to design new processes. Our dedication to discovering, developing and optimizing catalysts and catalytic processes has attracted the global leaders in the refinery and chemical industries to collaborate with us. Over the years Avantium has built a strong track record and loyal customer base by providing advanced catalysis R&D systems and services. We plan to further expand our capabilities, allowing us to expand our role as an experimental data provider into a fully-fledged R&D partner.

Customer patents with Avantium inventors


Collaboration is the key to success

Collaborating with Avantium includes access to our advanced R&D laboratories and experts across the world. In our partnerships we work closely with the client’s expert teams to achieve the highest levels of service and support and the quickest path to market.

Over the years we have had major collaborations with world-leading companies.