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GES 2019

04/06/2019 - 05/06/2019

Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019


Avantium is proud to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), which will be hosted by the United States and the Netherlands on June 4 and 5, 2019 in World Forum in The Hague. The event will bring together 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought leaders and corporations from around the world which makes it the ideal forum to demonstrate that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present business opportunities.

In partnership with GES, the KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) supports an innovation platform where organizations can submit questions they have not been able to answer yet. Avantium participates in the next edition with two business challenges:

Title:   Creating unique products by applying a novel sugar-based raw material

In one sentence: Can you create value opportunities using sugar-based polymeric humins from Avantium?

Why is this a challenge?

Synvina, a business unit of Avantium, produces liquid humins in the production process of the new plant-based plastic PEF. The humins are a versatile plant-based material that have multiple chemically reactive functionalities, creating opportunities for many types of applications ranging from plastics to energy generation. As humins have not been previously commercialized, this challenge represents a new opportunity to lead the way in developing innovative sustainable solutions. The humins will not only allow you to replace existing fossil-based components with a renewable alternative, but may also improve the characteristics of your products.

Where do you fit in?

  • We are in search of partners to help develop applications for this new plant-based material. Without restricting your creativity, interesting directions of thought could be polymer bio-composites, conductive materials, adhesives, non-toxic chemical preservatives, other polymeric structures, fuel applications…. and beyond!
  • The range of applications that can be accessed using this product give it huge potential to create opportunities both in your business and for Avantium.
  • Humins could bring value by replacing fossil-based raw materials, moving away from toxic components, reducing your CO2 footprint or simply improving the properties of your product.

Which disciplines do we need?

  • Any expertise is welcome
  • Material technology
  • Construction expertise
  • Conceptual product design
  • Plant-based materials
  • Combustion & energy specialists
  • Out of the box thinking
Title:    Creating novel plant-based products with lignin

In one sentence:  Can you develop sustainable and novel applications using Dawn TechnologyTM lignin from Avantium?

Why is this a challenge?

Avantium Dawn TechnologyTM is an innovative process that converts non-food plant-based feedstock into industrial sugars and lignin. Lignin is the compound that is left once the sugars have been taken out of the original feedstock. Energy generation is currently the predominant application for lignin. To make the most efficient use of biomass and valorize each and every output stream, we are looking for applications for the lignin that would bring added value over burning it for energy.

The DAWN process, similar to the Bergius process, produces a lignin that is unique compared to other lignins with respect to its low solubility and high chemical resistance. This type of lignin, also known as Willstätter lignin, is relatively unknown. We are looking for applications that make the best use of these properties. Examples of possible research areas are bitumen-replacement, carbon materials, resins etc.

Where do you fit in?

  • Lignin could replace an existing fossil-based raw material, bringing value by creating a 100% plant-based product, reducing the CO2
  • Preferably, we are looking for partners with creative, novel and disruptive ideas for lignin applications that strengthen the circular economy.
  • The lignin can be used directly out of the process or as a dry solid. The most ideal scenario would be an application using the lignin in its most unrefined form while still containing hydrochloric acid. In this way energy-consuming process steps for its removal and drying would be eliminated.

Which disciplines do we need?

  • Any expertise is welcome
  • Lignin expertise
  • Plant-based materials
  • Conceptual product design
  • Application development
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Material technology
Our challenges are for everyone – whether you are a scientist, an entrepreneur, or a business leader. This initiative gives all participants the unique opportunity to think out of the box, share knowledge and ideas, and open new doors for collaborations and partnership.

Sign up online now and help us find solutions for the future together!


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