A top 100 ‘cleantech’ company

Avantium has been listed for four consecutive years as a global top 100 cleantech company and named as European Cleantech company of the decade.

Building on our expertise in advanced catalytic R&D we have created YXY, a platform for a next generation of biobased plastics, chemicals and fuels. Over the past years we have made enormous progress in the development and commercialization of our technology by the construction and start-up of our pilot plant and the partnering with world-leading brand owners. Today we focus our journey on the commercial launch of PEF while we continue our leadership position in Catalysis.


Facts & figures

Founded in 2000
Location offices and laboratories: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Pilot plant: Geleen, the Netherlands

Management Team

Tom van Aken, CEO
Frank Roerink, CFO
Gert-Jan Gruter, CTO
Oskar Slotboom, CCO
Victor Vreeken, COO
Steven Olivier, Managing Director Catalysis
Carmen Portocarero, General Counsel

Customers & partnerships

Avantium’s customer base for R&D services and systems consists of blue-chip companies in the refining, chemical and renewables industries. Currently, we have solid collaborative partnerships with global leaders like Shell, BP, Sasol and Celanese.

Avantium is currently collaborating with leading companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Danone, ALPLA and Swire for the application development and commercialization of bio-based materials based on our YXY technology.

The green building blocks behind YXY Technology

YXY (pronounced ~iksy) is a groundbreaking technology for making biobased materials and fuels that can replace petroleum-based products in large markets such as bottles, packaging and textiles. The basic philosophy behind Avantium’s YXY technology is to develop products from renewable sources that compete on price and on performance, with a superior environmental footprint.

Built upon Avantium’s core capability of advanced catalysis R&D, YXY technology is set to have an enormous impact on the market, thanks largely to our lead product, PEF (polyethylene furanoate), a 100% biobased alternative to PET. This novel, patented technology converts biomass into Furanics building blocks from plant-based sugars. Because it uses carbohydrates as feedstock, YXY enables the manufacture of green and sustainable products in a fast and cost-effective way and can be implemented in existing chemical production methods.

Operating a pilot plant in Geleen, the Netherlands since 2011, we are currently partnering with leading companies like Coca-Cola and Danone to commercialize a new generation of renewable materials, like PEF.

Catalysis: Clear-cut solutions to complex problems

Catalysis by Avantium offers solutions ranging from sophisticated R&D systems and services to fully integrated long-term collaborative partnerships. We combine catalytic research based on our Flowrence® technology with a multi-disciplinary team of experts who have the flexible mindset needed to increase research output, improve success rates, reduce costs and accelerate time to market. Our experts have the skills needed to take catalyst research projects to the next level.

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