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The total outstanding shares in Avantium are 25,244,672 shares (31 December 2018)


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Dividend policy

Avantium has not paid any dividends since its incorporation and it does not expect to pay dividends in the foreseeable future. All of the shares issued and outstanding on the day after the day of settlement of the Offering, including the Offer Shares, will rank equally and will be eligible for any profit or other payment that may be declared on the shares. It is intended that the payment of dividends in cash, if declared, will be made in euro.

Investor relations policy

Avantium strives to provide shareholders and other parties in the financial markets with equal and simultaneous information about matters that may influence the share price. The contacts between the Executive Board on the one hand and investors and analysts on the other are carefully handled and structured, and the Company will not engage in any acts that compromise the independence of analysts in relation to the company and vice versa.

Avantium communicates with all of its investors and analysts through organizing or attending meetings such as the Annual General Meetings of shareholders, roadshows and broker conferences. Furthermore we will publish an annual report, trading updates and in case of any material developments, a press release.

Meetings with investors (bilateral and general) are held regularly to ensure that the investment community receives a balanced and complete view of the company’s performance and the issues faced by the business, while always observing applicable rules concerning selective disclosure, equal treatment of shareholders and insider trading.

In the period preceding the publication of the results of that quarter, Avantium will be in a “closed period”. During this time we will not hold meetings with analysts or investors, make presentations at broker conferences, or hold discussions/conference calls with investors and analysts.