Publication Catalysis 2010

E. Mazoyer, N. Merle, A. de Mallmann, J.-M. Basset, E. Berrier, L. Delevoye, J.-F. Paul, C. P. Nicholas, R. M. Gauvin, M. Taoufik, Chem. Commun. (Cambridge, U. K.) 2010, 46, 8944.

A well-defined, SiO2-supported W(O)Np3 (I; Np = CH2CMe3) prepd. from SiO2-700 and Np4W(O) by the surface organometallic chem. approach displays high and sustained activity in propene metathesis. Remarkably, the catalytic performances of I outpace those of the parent imido deriv., underlining the importance of the oxo ligand in the design of robust catalysts. I was characterized by EXAFS and DFT calcns. of a model compd.


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