Publication Catalysis 2009

J. L. Casci, C. M. Lok, M. D. Shannon, Catal. Today 2009, 145, 38.

A review of the discovery and development, including modern anal. and characterization techniques, of the Fischer-Tropsch reaction and assocd. catalysts. Fischer-Tropsch catalysts, based on cobalt, are complex materials contg. the catalyst support and redn. and structural promoters in addn. to the cobalt metal itself. While this basic description covers both modern FT catalyst and those first commercialized, in Germany in 1930s, modern FT catalysts have vastly improved performance. Other topics discussed include the discovery and early work on the Fischer-Tropsch reaction, commercialization, first com. catalyst (100:18:100 Co/ThO.sub.2/kieselguhr, later modified with MgO), summary of patents, assignees, etc.; structure-performance relationships, and advanced characterization techniques.


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