Publication Catalysis 2011

J. J. W. Bakker, M. M. P. Zieverink, R. W. E. G. Reintjens, F. Kapteijn, J. A. Moulijn, M. T. Kreutzer, ChemCatChem 2011, 3, 1155.

This paper explores how the visible features of segmented-flow, under reaction conditions, can be used in lab.-scale multi-phase heterogeneous catalysis. Segmented-flow accelerates optimization of continuous-flow hydrogenations using heterogeneous catalysis. Conversion can be monitored visually, which gives hands-on control over the activity and deactivation of the catalyst. Reagents exchange rapidly with the catalyst and without axial dispersion, yields are the same as in batch. It is shown that continuous-flow anal. allows a fast optimization of various aspects of heterogeneous catalysis and synthesis routes, such as solvent effects, competitive adsorption and irreversible poisoning.


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