Publication YXY 2011

R. J. A. Gosselink, W. Teunissen, J. E. G. van Dam, E. de Jong, G. Gellerstedt, E. L. Scott, J. P. M. Sanders, Bioresour. Technol. 2011, 106, 173.

Valorisation of lignin plays a key role in further development of lignocellulosic biorefinery processes the prodn. of biofuels and bio-based materials. In the present study, organosolv hardwood and wheat straw lignins were converted in a supercrit. fluid consisting of carbon dioxide/acetone/water (300-370 °C, 100 bar) to a phenolic oil consisting of oligomeric fragments and monomeric arom. compds. with a total yield of 10-12% based on lignin.

These yields are similar to the state-of-the-art technologies such as base-catalyzed thermal processes applied for lignin depolymn. Addn. of formic acid increases the yield of monomeric arom. species by stabilizing arom. radicals. Supercrit. depolymn. of wheat straw and hardwood lignin yielded monomeric compds. in different compns. with a max. yield of 2.0% for syringic acid and 3.6% for syringol, resp. The results of the present study showed that under the applied conditions competition occurred between lignin depolymn. and recondensation of fragments.


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