Publication Catalysis 2009

N. Aldea, V. Rednic, S. Pintea, P. Marginean, B. Barz, A. Gluhoi, B. E. Nieuwenhuys, M. Neumann, Y. Xie, F. Matei, Superlattices Microstruct. 2009, 46, 141.

We analyze gold nanoclusters as supported catalysts by extended X-ray absorption fine structure, X-ray diffraction and XPS in order to det. their local, global and electronic structure. The present study points out a strong deformation of the local structure of the metal due to its interaction with oxide supports. We det. the particle size distribution and microstrain functions of the Au nanoclusters by X-ray diffraction method. Based on X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy anal. we show that the entire local structure of the investigated systems is strongly distorted regarding the av. Au-Au coordination no. The distances between atoms are practically the same as std. Au foil. The strong metal-support interaction is confirmed by the change in shape of the electron transition probability densities that appear in the Au LIII-edge. From XPS investigations we find electronic states corresponding to gold as well as to the oxide supports.


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