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Jean-Marie Basset, Haibo Zhu, Paco Victor Laveille, Devon C. Rosenfeld and Mohamed Nejib Hedhili, Cat. Sci. Tech. 2015, 5, 4164-4173.

75 Mo-V-Nb mixed oxide catalysts with a broad range of compositions were prepared by a simple evaporation method, and were screened for the ethane oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH) reaction. The compositions of these 75 catalysts were systematically changed by varying the Nb loading, and the Mo/V molar ratio. Characterization by XRD, XPS and H2-TPR and SEM revealed that an intimate structure is formed among the 3 components. The strong interaction among different components leads to the formation of a new phase or “intimate structure”. The dependency of conversion and selectivity on the catalyst composition was clearly demonstrated from the results of high-throughput test. The optimized Mo-V-Nb molar composition was confirmed to be composed of Nb content of 4-8%, Mo content of 70-83%, and V content of 12-25%. The enhanced catalytic performance of the mixed oxides is obviously due to the synergistic effects of the different components. The optimized compositions for ethane ODH revealed in our high-throughput tests and the structural information provided by our characterization studies, can serve as the starting point for future efforts to improve the catalytic performance of Mo-V-Nb oxides.

DOI: 10.1039/C5CY00488H

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