Publication Catalysis 2014

Erik-Jan Ras, Santiago Gomez-Quero, Top. Catal. 2014, Vol. 57, p.1392

In this work the testing of high temperature reactions in small scale parallel reactors is explored using the oxidative coupling of methane as an example. The advantages of small scale reactors for this very exothermic and complex reaction are discussed. The data generated in this study is explored making use of response surface models derived from statistically designed experiments. Methane conversion has been explored over a Mn-promoted Na2WO4/SiO2 catalyst over the temperature range 755–875 °C, pressure range 0.2–8.4 barg and GHSV range 4,000–36,000 h−1 using air as oxidant. Methane to oxygen stoichiometries of 4–8 have been explored. The highest C2 yield (16 %) is obtained at at low pressure.

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