Publication YXY 2014

Robert-Jan van Putten, Jozef G. M. Winkelman, Farhad Keihan, Jan C. van der Waal, Ed de Jong, and Hero J. Heeres, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2014, 53 (19), 8285

The solubilities of d-glucose, d-arabinose, d-xylose, d-fructose, d-mannose, and sucrose in methanol and methanol–water mixtures (less than 25 wt % water) were determined at temperatures between 295 and 353 K using a unique high-throughput screening technique. The data were modeled with a UNIQUAC framework with an average error between calculated and experimental data of 3.7%. The results provide input for the design of efficient chemical processes for the conversion of these sugars into valuable biobased building blocks in methanol–water mixtures.

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