Publication Catalysis 2009

P. R. Ellis, D. James, P. T. Bishop, J. L. Casci, C. M. Lok, G. J. Kelly, Chem. Ind. (Boca Raton, FL, U. S.) 2009, 128, 1.

Cobalt-on-alumina catalysts with increased dispersion and catalytic activity are prepd. by addn. of mannitol to the cobalt nitrate soln. prior to impregnation. Thermogravimetric anal. (TGA) and in situ visible microscopy of the impregnation soln. show that the org. compd. reacts with cobalt nitrate, forming a foam. The foam forms because significant amts. of gas are released through a viscous liq. The structure of the foam is retained in the final calcined product. It is this effect that is responsible for the increased dispersion.

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