Select the best catalyst with confidence

Your feed and your conditions

We fit the test program to your objectives and goals: what information do you need?

We test with your feed stocks and process conditions – low feed requirements:  ~10L

Reliable results and statistical significance

Test catalysts multiple times – data replication for improved data accuracy

Statistical significance of results provides confidence intervals for key performance indicators

Cost effective comparison

Parallel testing allows the cost-effective  evaluation of multiple catalyst systems – in one run under the same exact conditions

Fact based decisions

Take important decisions with confidence

Rapidly select the best catalyst and help boost your refinery margins

Flowrence Technology

Robustness & ease of use

  • Reactor Temperature up to 500°C; reactor-to-reactor uniformity ≤0.5°C
  • Operating Pressure up to 200 bar; variance ≤0.1 bar for trickle flow operation
  • 30 cm isothermal reaction zone to ensure correct plug flow regime
  • Reactors optimized for stacked bed configurations;  side-by-side testing of all options feasible

High precision

  • Highly stable and accurate active feed system with LHSV up to 4 h-1; reactor-to-reactor uniformity 0.5%RSD
  • Most accurate mass balance closure available in the market
  • High discrimination power, high precision of process conditions (Flow, P, T)

Cost effective and flexibility

  • Lowest testing costs per reactor of any testing unit: less need for repeat and reference testing
  • Lab-in-lab solution for effluent handling and integrated online analytics
  • Feeds flexibility incl. AGO, HAGO, VGO, HVGO, cracked feed stocks and RESID
  • Flexible in process conditions, feeds, number and size of reactors
  • Independent reactor control


Refinery applications

  • Hydrotreating of naphtha, kero & diesel (incl. ULSD)
  • FCC and Hydrocracker Pretreat
  • Hydrocracking
  • Naphtha Reforming
  • Isomerization
  • Aromatics Saturation
  • Fischer-Tropsch Upgrading

We can discriminate catalysts at <1.5°C difference in activity, and <0.5 wt% in yield.

This is important for the decision making process. A significantly lower gas make of 1 wt% could save up to $3MM, and a significantly longer cycle time could save up to $5MM.

    Our offering

    • Independent evaluation of commercial catalysts
    • Compare catalyst vendor options against the incumbent
    • Opportunity (crude) feed studies – catalyst flexibility
    • Evaluate stacked catalyst bed options
    • Spot sample activity testing
    • Stability testing / deactivation studies
    • Process studies
    • Step out technology options
    • Kinetic measurements
    • Biomass feedstock feasibility testing

    Our refinery industry experts 

    Nicolas Popoff, Ph.D.

    Nicolas Popoff, Ph.D.

    Project Leader Reforming & Isomerization

    2 years experience leading refinery catalyst testing projects

    Jose Castro

    Jose Castro

    Project Leader Hydroprocessing

    15 years refinery experience

    Tom Huizinga, Ph.D.

    Tom Huizinga, Ph.D.

    Business & Technology Consultant

    30 years with Shell, incl. 10 years Technology Manager

    Hendrik Dathe, Ph.D.

    Hendrik Dathe, Ph.D.

    Director Research Services

    10 years catalyst R&D experience, 6 years with Shell

    Theo Visser

    Theo Visser

    Business & Technology Consultant

    36 years with Shell, incl. 15 years combined experience in hydrocracking tech services with Criterion

    Mark Moser, Ph.D.

    Mark Moser, Ph.D.

    Business & Technology Consultant

    30 years with UOP, Reforming and Isomerization expert


    Frequently asked questions

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    You can reach Tiago Vilela, Director Business Development, also at +31 6 36 35 54 00.