• BIO-HArT: Over the past years Biorizon has developed three commercially promising technologies for the conversion of wood, sugars and lignin into aromatics. For the next 3 years Biorizon, together with 9 partners (among others Avantium), will work on the scaling up of technology for the production of aromatics from biomass in the cross-border BIO-HArT-project. More information on Biorizon: www.biorizon.eu.

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  • Scelio-4B: This collaboration within the framework of OP-Zuid is focused on the development of an interregional campus eco-system and accompanying key-infrastructure for the conversion of renewable raw materials to biobased building blocks. Within the SCeLiO-4B project a testing-ground of affordable and broadly accessible infrastructure for biobased chemistry is created on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen and the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom. The available equipment facilitates and accelerates research, scaling up and development of bioaromatics, lignin depolymerization products for fuel applications and platform chemicals and compounds with new functionality based on furfural and HMF. The research activities are supported by an education and training program and business development activities which offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to further grow their potential and move from laboratory to pilot plant scale. The establishment of a joint testing-ground will give an impulse to businesses and employment in Limburg and Brabant. The project officially started in May 2015 and will run for 4 years. Link to press release.


  • Avantium joins the ELCoREL consortium in which five academic and two non-academic institutions located in Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Italy collaborate to train young researchers in all scientific and technological aspects of the conversion of renewable electricity into fuels and chemicals. Read more information at www.elcorel.org.