Imagine a world in which carbon dioxide (CO2) is no longer harmful to our future, but rather considered a useful feedstock for high value chemicals and materials? At Avantium we are looking for ways to reduce CO2­­ and unlock this renewable carbon source by making use of the most green energy available: electricity.

The development of electrochemistry has the potential to use CO2 as a feedstock for the sustainable production of chemicals and materials, and is seen as a ’game-changer’ for the chemical industry. The result is that a greenhouse gas is segregated into products that can replace plastics and chemicals that are now produced from fossil feedstock.

Avantium’s Volta technology is the leading electro-catalytic platform developing CO2 utilization solutions for a circular future. The current Volta platform has been developed by bolstering Avantium’s existing electro-catalytic know-how with the acquisition of Liquid Light Inc.

Volta is a frontrunner in the use of gas diffusion electrodes, that convert gases such as CO2 in the most efficient way. We outperform our peers in terms of electrode size, efficiency, catalyst stability and current density. We are currently working on a range of electrochemical conversions and are looking for the most efficient way to commercialize a route from CO2 to high-value chemicals or fuels that is both environmental friendly and economically sound.

The Volta laboratories are located at Amsterdam Sciencepark and the pre-scale pilot equipment is tested at Prodock. In collaboration with 35 partners in several EU-projects, we perform R&D work to accelerate our progress and to reach deployment. Avantium is a founding member and a part of the board of the industrial association CO2 Value Europe, where we engage with companies and research institutions that share our belief that carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies are needed for the circular future. Avantium is also represented in the Dutch platform ECCM (Electrochemical Conversion and Materials) that encourages the Dutch government to become CO2-neutral in 2050.

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