Renewable Polymers



From baby food pouches and medical fluid bags to transparent wrappers for dried food, Avantium Renewable Polymers is constantly exploring the enormous potential of PEF film. Thanks to its superior barrier properties, PEF film has the potential to have a significant impact on the flexible packaging materials market.


PEF has the potential to replace various packaging materials such as PET, glass or aluminum in typical applications like bottles for soft drinks, water, alcoholic beverages and fruit juices. PEF provides improved barrier properties for carbon dioxide and oxygen, leading to a longer shelf life of packaged products. The ability to keep out oxygen, for example, results in longer-lasting carbonated drinks and extended shelf life.


We are currently working with industry leaders to explore the future potential of PEF fibers. Possible applications include apparel, carpets, home furnish­ings, disposa­bles, fabrics, diapers, filters and industrial fibers.​