PET is a ubiquitous plastic; it’s made in part from mono ethylene glycol (MEG). There is a tremendous drive, from forward looking brand owners and packaging companies, to source MEG from renewable sources rather than from the oil industry.

Today, there are commercial sources of bio-based MEG (bio-MEG), but these are made from an inefficient processes (e.g. 4 steps and low atom efficiency) making them too expensive and hampering the widespread use of bio-MEG when compared to the cheaper oil and shale gas based alternatives.

Avantium’s Renewable Chemistries have developed the Mekong Process; a fantastic 1-step, high atom efficiency process which is competitive with the oil based MEG. There is no need for a “green premium” and no barrier for Mekong bio-MEG’s widespread introduction.


We believe that Mekong can deliver a Bio-MEG product to the market competitive with petro-MEG, now and in the future. Current projections are for the Bio-MEG market to reach 3 million tonnes per annum by 2020, and the wider petro-MEG market being some 10x this figure.

The potential is enormous!

Both the DAWN Technology and Mekong projects are entering into the scale-up phase.

  • For DAWN Technology we have started the design of a multi tonne continuously operated pilot plant that will start delivering 2G glucose, mixed hemicellulose sugars. Tall oil extractives and lignin in 2017. We are interested to discuss partnering options on feedstock, products and process licensing.
  • For Mekong we are gearing up for the Pilot Phase and we are open to discuss various partnering opportunities.