Investment highlights

Our lead products address the need for a circular new plastics economy

Our leading innovative chemicals FDCA and plant-MEG  are the key ingredients for a novel polymer PEF: 100% plant-based, recyclable and degradable, with superior performance.

Addressing $200B+ markets with product leadership

PEF has huge potential in the packaging, textiles and film sectors, growing markets worth over $200 billion. Consumers put pressure on those industries to shift to circularity and decouple plastics from fossil feedstock.

Innovative product pipeline

Avantium has developed a pipeline of novel technologies at various stages of commercialization, with large upside potential:

  • Our most mature platform is our YXY® Technology used to produce FDCA, the main building block for PEF. Our FDCA technology is the most advanced technology for PEF production across the section and we expect the first commercial production of FDCA and PEF to begin in 2023.
  • Our Ray Technology™ produces sustainable plant-MEG that is cost-competitive compared to petroleum-based MEG, which is currently generating annual sales of $25 billion. Plant-MEG will supply the future PEF market as well as the large existing PET market.
  • A number of other advanced renewable chemical technologies are being explored in our laboratories and pilot plants:
    Dawn Technology™: our biorefinery process for industrial sugars from non-food biomass.
    Volta Technology: the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) to chemicals via electrochemistry.

Outstanding partnerships

We have ongoing partnerships with industry leaders and brand owners to develop, scale and commercialize our technologies and make our innovations global successes. We collaborate with multiple partners within the value chain. From feedstock providers who wish to diversify their markets, to converters and chemical companies with the aspiration to transition to fossil-free chemicals, and consumer brands who are looking for plant-based solutions for packaging and textiles.

Scalable business model

We are expert at bringing great ideas out of the R&D lab, developing them at pilot-scale and preparing them for commercial production. We are on track to commit to the construction of a commercial plant for our lead PEF technology by the end of 2020, which we plan to start-up in 2023. From 2023 onwards, Avantium will operate the commercial plant for PEF with revenue streams and cash flows. In addition to the sale of product off-takes from the commercial plant, Avantium plans to sell licenses to our proprietary technologies to chemical companies, converters and consumers brands. Licensing will be the key driver for future cash flows – it is capital efficient and enables fast deployment around the globe. Economies of scale and continuous improvements in existing technologies will drive down the cost-curve for our licensees and will allow them to further penetrate key markets.

Proven ability to scale with three operational pilot plants, state of the art R&D lab and robust portfolio of >145 patent families

Avantium has more than 20 years of experience at the forefront of catalysis, chemical process development and polymers. We have a strong IP portfolio with more than 145 granted and pending patent families.

A proven revenue generating track record with the Catalysis business

Our revenue generating Catalysis Services & Systems business serves the R&D catalysis needs of international blue-chip chemical players. Catalysis has provided the technological basis on which many of our innovative technologies have been developed. In 2019, Avantium Catalysis recorded revenues of €12.5 million.

ESG is built into Avantium’s DNA and drives the company’s business model

Sustainability is integral to our core business strategy. At Avantium, sustainability is built into our very purpose. It drives our employees, informs our technology development and excites our commercial partners. The global climate breakdown demands an entirely new way of doing business, moving the world from its dependence on fossil-based resources towards a more sustainable future. Avantium is focused specifically on accelerating that transition. Every technology we develop affirms our commitment to helping create a fossil-free future for the planet.

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