Renewable Chemistries

Avantium’s Renewable Chemistries business unit focuses on developing and commercializing innovative products and processes in the renewable & sustainable chemistries space.

Our track record in this area is exemplified by Avantium’s YXY Technology, our flagship process innovation program, which is now preparing for the construction of a first commercial plant. Following on from this, we have an “incubator lab” packed with innovative programs to deliver cost competitive renewable products and processes; addressing the challenges of sustainability for future generations.


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As our CTO Gert-Jan Gruter says: “In order to reduce the human footprint we need to transition to sustainable bio-based resources for chemicals and materials.  Avantium is perfectly positioned and has a proven track record to develop catalytic processes for biomass refinery, for bio-based building blocks that are logical from carbohydrates and for the production and application development of novel bio-based plastic materials.”

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